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Clinical Anti Inflammatory Testing

Anti Inflammatory Product Testing

Analyses the skin post trauma-induction to address a product’s potential to resolve surface inflammation or redness allowing you to claim differences in inflammation on-pack.

Claims Substantiated:

  • Anti Inflammation, Reduces the appearance of inflammation or redness.


Briefly, what you can expect:

  • This study design is generally dependant on what type of Anti-Inflammatory product we are testing. As a note, we only test products that are classed as general, cosmetic or toiletry products, not medical products. Thus, this study would normally involve visual assessments of the skin to examine pre and post-treatment inflammation.
  • We compromise the skin site with SLS or UV to normally 4 x MED (Minimal Erythema Dose). And then we follow the treated and untreated sites to resolution – when the site inflammation has been resolved.