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Anti Wrinkle Trials | Clinical Testing For Anti-Wrikle Products

Anti Wrinkle Testing

Anti Wrinkle trials / anti ageing trials measure qualitative and quantitative reduction of wrinkles over an 8 week period allowing you to market anti-wrinkle claims on the package and in your advertising.

Clinical Testing For Anti Wrinkle Claims:

  • Profilometry Assessment:


Claims Substantiated:

  • Anti-wrinkle, Wrinkle Defense, Reduces Wrinkles by x% over a period of x weeks.


Briefly, what you can expect:

  • 30 subjects with wrinkles and crow’s feet areas, versus no treatment with profilometry assessment and SPQ (Self-Perception Questionnaire) after end of 8 week study.
  • Active Phase: As its name suggests, the Profilometry Assessment is a scientific profiling of the skin and the most robust anti-wrinkle study you can do using laser profilometry. With this method, you generate skin replicas using SILFLO resin technology which is a flexible film mold of the skin topography. This replica is then laser profiled and analyzed electronically for a graphical reproduction of the area. These analyses are conducted at the start and end of the study and measured for statistical significant differences.