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Clinical Testing For Efficacy

Clinical Testing For Efficacy

Whatever your product does, we can provide the appropriate clinical trial to make your claims a fact by proving their legitimacy.
Efficacy Trials are a set of procedures in product research and development that are conducted to test the product’s intended purpose in order to substantiate those all-important claims that appear on your packaging or in your advertisements.

Moisturizer Testing
  • Corneometer, Dermal Phase Meter and Tewameter assessments for humectants and emollients.
  • Substantiates claims such as: Moisturizing, Combats Dehydration, Moisturizes for up to x hours, Improves Skin’s Natural Barrier and more.
Anti-Wrinkle Testing
  • We offer profilometry assessments to measure qualitative and quantitative assessments of rhytide reduction.
  • Substantiates: Anti-wrinkle, Wrinkle Defense, Reduces Wrinkles by x% and more.
Skin Tone / Skin Lightening Product Testing
  • Chromameter technology analyzes pre and post-product skin tone.
  • Substantiates: Improves Luminosity, Reduces Uneven Pigmentation, Encourages Even Skin Tone, Reduces Hyperpigmentation, Reduces Appearance of Age Spots.
Skin Elasticity / Skin Firmness Product Testing
  • Cutometer or Dermal Torque Meter measures the rate of initial and release extensibility of the skin pre and post-treatments.
  • Substantiates claims such as: Firming, Improves Skin Elasticity and more.

Clinical Trials For Ailment Reducing Products


Anti-Inflammatory Testing
  • Analysis of skin post-trauma-induction to assess a product’s potential to resolve surface inflammation.
  • Substantiates non-medical claims: Reduces the Appearance of Inflammation.
Antiperspirant Testing / Deodorant Testing
  • We have a world leading, state-of-the-art Hot Room facility.
  • Using gravimetric methods and expert analysis, we assess a product’s potential to reduce perspiration and/or malodor.
  • We can substantiate your claim of: Antiperspirancy, Deodorancy.
Anti-Acne Testing / Anti Spot Testing
  • Our expert skin assessors and dermatologists analyze skin via qualitative and quantitative legion count, macrophotography and visual assessment.
  • Substantiates reference to Spot-Prone Skin, Blemished Skin, Oily Skin and more.
Collagen Production Testing
  • Helps us understand what’s going on under the skin from the hyperdermis to the stratum corneum.
  • Substantiates claims for: Collagen Production, Regenerates the Skin more quickly, Improves Skin Regeneration.

Hair Product Trials


Shampoo Testing Hair Care Product Testing
  • We have a full, professional quality hair salon within our facility keeping all clinical testing truly ‘in-house’
  • We use a mixture of expertly trained and qualified visual assessors and instrumental evaluations to assess any characteristic of the hair.
  • Anti-dandruff, Strengthening, Conditioning/Detangling, Volumizing, Straightening, Shine/oiliness, Bounce, Smell, Feel, Anti-Frizz, Color-Related: you name it, we can test it.
  • We also look at depilatory products and instruments.


Taste, Wear & Preference Testing


Preference Testing
  • Either incorporated into a clinical trial, or as a separate study, find out what the consumer thinks about your product. The subjects complete an SPQ (Self-Perception Questionnaire) after testing your product.