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Clinical Testing of Collagen Production In Cosmetics

Collagen Production Clinical Testing

Collagen Production trials look into the deeper workings of the skin from the stratum corneum to the hyper-dermis in order to understand a product’s ability to improve the skin.

Briefly, what you can expect:


  • Substantiates claims relating to collagen production and deeper workings of skin.
  • We offer punch, surface and blister biopsies for various condition-improving products.
  • Ask for additional information, and please note, we only test cosmetic and toiletry products.


Stratum Corneum Turnover:

  • Substantiates claims for: Collagen production testing, Skin regeneration.
  • Tests the regenerative ability of the skin under the influence of the test sample by measuring the level of increased cell turnover under the influence of the test sample. We use the dansyl chloride staining method where skin is stained at baseline and then the number of days to the cessation of fluorescence is recorded. A typical 20 subject study with regular assessments over 14 days.