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Deodorant Testing & Antiperspirant Testing | Hot Room Clinical Trials

Deodorant Testing & Antiperspirant Testing

For over 20 years, the team at PCR have worked together on some of the cutting edge and leading Deodorant clinical trials, all over the world. Our team began training with industry AP & Deo Guru, Jack Wild at Hill Top Research, from the early 1990’s. Our team is one of the oldest established teams in the United States and certainly in Europe.
Since the 1990’s, we have been at the centre of all the leading industry standard protocols and we are one of the worlds busiest CRO’s in the world with studies constantly on the go. 
PCR has 12 qualified graders and more trainees coming through each year. All our odor graders are full time employees and travel the globe for clients that want to test their products on different ethnicities in different geographical locations around the world. We work with other CROs to establish their teams for them and will work to help train teams that we can work in conduction with whenever they need help on their studies.

PCR, has a dedicated team of professionals that form their AP/Deo task force, the task force is Headed by the Associate Technical Director, Micah Hunphrey, who has many years of experience in developing novel protocols in this area. He is responsible for the  training program at PCR and the running of all AP and Deo studies, where he acts as the Principle Investigator. 
Over the years our team have been at the cutting edge of scientific development on most of the industry standard protocols and some novel ones that are used for specific clients only. (unpublished protocols)
PCR has 5 company owned ‘’hot room’’ facilities at company owned sites, more than any other CRO in the world. Our five facilities can run studies simultaneously, to give our clients data from multiple locations in North America and Europe fast. We keep a panel of 150 subjects on permanent wash out, providing the subjects with both a wash product and a bland deo product, for fast recruiting and turn around and in some cases, we can take down the recruitment and washout time frame by a month! No other company can offer this as an option. This panel are then good to go for either a deo study or an AP study, or both!
PCR is the leading provider of  Antiperspirant Back Screening Tests in the USA and Europe and at certain times of the year, we are back logged with confirmed studies because of demand for this type of work. The purpose of the study is to assess the antiperspirant efficacy of up to eight formulations in a screening, however, please note that the test does not replace the proof of efficacy according to FDA- monograph. Please also note that this type of testing is conducted in the US routinely for screening purposes only and can be performed in either a hot-room facility or a sauna, depending on the needs of the client.
We have many years of experience conducting these types of studies, and in fact,were some of the first in our industry to conduct them. We LOVE to talk about our expertise in this area and would love the opportunity to meet with you and talk you through the studies we can do for your products. 
Our team are also available to you should you need to produce an expert witness in any litigation you or your company find yourself in!