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Princeton Consumer Environmental Performance

Princeton Consumer Research is committed to, and will always strive to improve our environmental performance. 


Our Environment Policy means we will:

  • Ensure that we comply with existing and future environmental legislation
  • Liaise and work with everyone who has an interest in our company and the environment, our customers, suppliers, our own staff and environmental agencies
  • Identify and seek to reduce any harmful environmental effects which arise from our business
  • Minimize, re-use and recycle all materials whenever practical
  • Provide environmental training for our staff and encourage them to apply good environmental practices
  • Discuss environmental issues regularly at the highest management levels
  • Encourage our suppliers and customers to adopt the best possible environmental practices


This is what we’ve done …

We take our responsibility as one of the largest independently owned CRO’s very seriously. All waste materials are recycled, including aluminium plates, metal ink tins & plastic ink cartridges, the ink itself, paper, cardboard and even the wood from our pallets. We will NOT print out anything that is not absolutely necessary, this seriously damages our carbon footprint on the environment.

All waste paper is collected and recycled.

All plastic ink containers and plastic protective wrap from paper pallets are crushed and collected for recycling.

CD / DVD Cases
Inserts & inlays are removed for recycling and plastic is collected, then granulated and recycled.

Waste is segregated, recycled and reused.


All company vehicles are diesel to minimize our CO2 emissions.