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FAQs About Princeton Consumer Research and Our Clinical Testing Services

How Do I Get Paid To Test Your Products as Advertised?

If you are interested in getting paid to test products, please DO NOT email us. You must complete a form first. Click here to complete the get paid to test products form

Where Is Princeton Consumer Research Based?

We have full clinical testing facilities Princeton, New Jersey, Florida and Europe

Where do you intend to sell your product?

Different global regions have varying demands on the testing of products to substantiate different claims.  Consider where you want to sell your products so we can carry out the necessary testing.

What claim is your product making?

We will need to know what claims you are wanting to make as this will influence the tests required for the product.  We can give you advice on the claims possibilities for your product but the most important thing is that you supply us with the claims that need to be substantiated to get your product to market.

Who will sell your product?

Retailers have differing needs for the level of testing required.  Consider if your product is its own brand, will be sold through TV shopping channels or if you are planning to manufacture the product on behalf of another brand or retailer.

Which tests will be required?

This depends on the nature of the product and the claims you intend to make.  Our role is to substantiate these claims so you can legally state the product’s benefits on the packaging and in advertisements..  You will need to contact us so we can accurately advise you of the required tests and recommend a protocol design.

What do I do next?

You will need to contact our Business Development Team who will advise you which tests are required based on the details you provide to us.  A proposal will be made recommending the product testing requirements and the methodology in order to substantiate your claims.  You will also receive a quote to carry out the appropriate clinical product testing.

Contact us now?

How long will the clinical testing of my product take?

This will depend on the nature of the product and the claims requiring substantiation.  Our lead time to begin a study is approximately 2 weeks from receiving authorization to proceed.

What do I receive at the end of the study?

You will be provided with the initial results of the study within 1 week of completion.  You will then receive a draft report 1 week later followed by a final report which verifies claim substantiation.

Which advertising standards do these claims apply to?

By knowing where you intend to market your product we can tailor your study to meet your target area’s regulations.

Do you carry out testing on SPF products?

This is one of our specialties.  We carry out these tests to suit the global region in which they will be sold including , FDA methodology, Australia and New Zealand test method and International test methods (ISO 24444:2010).

Do you carry out testing on electronic cosmetic products?

We carry out studies on any product, whether mechanical or chemical formulation, within the cosmetic, dermatological and personal care product sector.

Which countries do you operate in?

We pride ourselves on having a truly global service.  We have testing facilities in the USA and UK  and clients the world over.