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Home Use Clinical Trials | Panelists Testing Products At Home

Home Use Clinical Trials

Consist of half-clinical and half-user trial which tests the potential for a sample to elicit an adverse reaction.

Claims Substantiated:

  • Claims are dependent upon the product, the study design and length of study.  This type of study doesn’t substantiate as many claims as the straight clinical trials, but it can monitor incidents of adverse reaction.  Studies such as these are also highly effective in helping determine consumer perception and preference for a particular product.


Briefly, what can you expect:

  • Subject panel numbers vary depending on the volume of participants necessary to provide the critical level of statistical breakout upon data analysis.
  • Active Phase:  a relevant consultant provides an expert visual or instrument analysis of the site of each subject under active examination.  Subjects then get administered the relevant product, and/or shown how to apply/use the product, with instructions for use at home, for a specified amount of time.  At the end of the study, the relevant consultant would provide a post-treatment expert visual or instrument analysis of the site of each subject who was under active examination.  The subjects would also complete an SPQ (Self-Perception Questionnaire) to determine subjective opinion on the product.


Our available consultants:

  • Dermatologists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Expert Skin Assessors
  • Midwives
  • Pediatricians
  • Safety Assessors
  • Pharmacokineticists

Please ask if your specific consultant is not listed as currently available as we can cater to all needs.