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Clinical Testing Panelist Enrollment Strategy

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Panelist Enrollment Strategy

Because of the locations of the PCR facilities and the geographical locations we perform of-site studies, we are uniquely positioned to deliver to our clients, on budget, on time and to required subject numbers, every time. We understand the complexities and challenges of meeting enrollment requirements, especially when conducting trials with specific demographics, but this is what we do and what we do well.

We have an extensive global database of participants that we use on a monthly basis. Your global products should be tested on a global panel, let us take care of this for you:

Our locations, experience, and strategic partnerships with other professionals and organizations, ensure we will meet the enrollment benchmarks for your clinical study.

  • Global Database of 48,000 panelists already registered with PCR
  • Experienced Recruitment & Enrollment department – our recruiters have over 20 years of experience recruiting clinical trials on a global basis
  • Exclusive SEO department who will help with recruiting panelists & traditional media partnerships
  • Physician practice partnerships – for many years we have recruited directly from the physicians own database of patients, drastically reducing recruiting times.
  • Medical practice affiliations – we have a whole bank of professionals who we use on a per-diem basis for certain types of studies
  • Dental practices partnerships – PCR has a global network of dental practices that are ready to help with screening and grading all patient types.
  • Traditional media: newspaper, radio, television, outdoor, direct mail – our recruiting strategy is top notch and always on the ball.
  • Community education, outreach & event sponsorships
  • PCR is constantly looking at new areas to increase our panelist numbers so we are active in local Community events, raising awareness of the company.
  • Digital media: social media, paid search, banner advertising & email marketing are something we take seriously and are always on top of.
  • Word of mouth has always been the number 1 way to fill our studies.
  • We are proud to report that we have a 98% Subject retention rate and are able to recruit quickly for repeat study retention.

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