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Clinical Preference Testing For Taste, Wear, and Acceptability

Clinical Preference Testing For Taste, Wear & Acceptability

Clinical Preference Testing For Taste, Wear, Preference and Acceptability efficacy studies help a brand to understand what their consumers want and what they think of a product, brand and/or packaging.

Briefly, what you can expect:

Either incorporated into a clinical trial, or as a separate study, find out what the consumer thinks about your product as subjects complete an SPQ (Self-Perception Questionnaire) after testing the product.

This type Preference Testing of study can be conducted with any type of product and with any intended consumer market and demographic.


Our Preference Testing can determine:

  • The usability and appropriateness of your product for the intended demographic.
  • The acceptability of your product for the relevant consumer market.
  • The opinion of the consumer regarding the in situ mechanical functionality and intended purpose of your product.
  • The position of your product against competitors in the same market or demographic through comparison testing, i.e. the trial volunteers compare the usability, appropriateness, mechanical functionality and intended purpose of your product against rival brands.
  • The consumer opinion of the branding, packaging, shape and fragrance of your product which can include a section requesting each subject to provide a sentence or two on their own personal experience of the product.


These studies can vary in size and function but they are one of the most important studies to carry out when launching a new product to ensure that your product provides the relevant USP.