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High Resolution Clinical Photography

High resolution, digital images of the face or other treatment areas can be taken on a panel of 3 or more subjects to denote the change in a variety of treatment conditions.

What We Can Offer:

Subjects will be required to wear black headbands and a black cape to make the images as similar as possible.  Digital images will be taken with fixed camera and equipment positions.  In addition to the full-face or full area shots, images will be aligned to mitigate sensor variability and close cropped at study end to demonstrate the visible changes throughout the duration of the study.
Camera and lighting heights, angles, and positioning are logged and controlled throughout the study, along with subject positioning and expression through one on one non-invasive instruction.  Photographic Image Analysis will be conducted on the captured photographs to determine percentage-based changes conditions such as pore size, skin tone, luminosity, age spot reduction, scar reduction, redness reduction, skin firmness, fine lines and wrinkles, makeup durability, cellulite reduction, and evenness of coverage.

Our technique takes a lot of the “guesswork” out of before and after photography.  Because of the extremely high level of control and variable mitigation it is possible to take subsets of photos from a larger clinical study to demonstrate potential maximum and minimum conditions.
With the core claims satisfied by a study of 30 or more subjects, we can isolate smaller subsets to demonstrate the full efficacy of a product in stunning visual detail at a fraction of the cost of a larger photography study.

Our techniques merge scientific efficacy and label claim support with media friendly, marketing ready images that can effectively summarize the outcome of a study or the effect of a product to the consumer clearly and efficiently.

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