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Clinical Testing For Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Care Products

Clinical Testing For Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Treatments

Princeton Consumer Research offers the latest clinical hair care product testing facilities to help with claim substantiation for your hair products

  • Shampoo Testing
  • Hair Care Product Testing
  • Hair Care Treatment Studies/Half Head Tests
  • Thinning Hair
  • Hair Shaft Diameters
  • Anagen/Telogen Ratios
  • Hair Counting Analysis
  • Gravimetric Hair Pull Analysis Shampoo and Conditioner Efficacy
  • Dandruff Studies
  • Color Permanence


Hair Care Product Testing & Shampoo Testing

Trichological Count
Hair Count Analysis – allows the determination of the hair growth patterns, before and after treatment programs. A quantity of hair uniquely identified in a specific area of the scalp is used to establish product efficacy via video microscopic procedures.

Gravimetric “Pull” Analysis
A highly developed, manual technique for removing and measuring excess fallout aggregates of hair to establish hair loss reduction patterns.

“Hair Pluck” Technique
Employs specialized forceps to “pluck” hair shafts from the scalp in order to determine the ratio of anagen (active/growth), to catagen (rest) and telogen (passive/falling) phases of the hair growth cycle;

Hair Diameter Measurements
Direct hair diameter measurements are made using optical micrometric techniques.

Regimented Combing
This test employs a standardized combing technique designed to capture hair fallout collectively, which is then separated and counted to establish the number of individual broken, intact and bulbous hairs.

Tensile Strength
The Diastron MTT (mini tensile tester) is used to measure the force, with respect to the time, necessary to elongate and break a strand of hair as a function of hair strength.

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