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Clinical Trials For Skin Firming Cosmetics

Clinical Trials For Skin Firming Product Claims

Measures the rate of initial and release skin extensibility pre and post-treatments allowing you to claim differences in skin elasticity/firmness on packaging and advertisements.

  • Cutometer Assessment
  • Dermal Torque Meter (DTM)


Skin Firming Product Testing: Claims Substantiated

  • Firms the skin, improves skin elasticity and more.


Briefly, what you can expect:

Cutometer Assessment:

  • We use 30 subjects, normally with aging and/or skin lacking in firmness, with assessments at week 0 (baseline) and week 8.
  • Skin Elasticity/Firmness looks at skin viscoelasticity through: the industry-standard Cutometer, using a probe that is placed on the skin, creating and then releasing a vacuum which sucks the skin up and then registers the return of the skin. This will provide a graph showing Angle Theta of Torque (unknown angle) against time. The results give an initial extensibility gradient of the skin when the torque or vacuum is administered and then released (rate of return).


Dermal Torque Meter (DTM):

  • Similar in study design to the above but with a different instrument used upon request. The Dermal Torque Meter has an inner and outer chamber where the inner chamber twists and applies a level of torque to the skin.