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Clinical Testing For UVA Protection For Cosmetics & Makeup

UVA Testing 

Examines your ingredients within the regulatory measures for UVA in an in vitro situation allowing you to make a UVA protection claim on the packaging and in advertisements.

UVA Protection Testing:

COLIPA Method / ISO:24443 Method – International.

Claims Substantiated:
On-pack UVA protection.


Instrumentation Information:
Instrumentation for UVA testing uses 2 Solar Light Company multi-port solar simulators, 8 single port solar simulators, a spex SKINSKAN spectrofluorometer, LabSphere and Helias spectrophotometers and an Optronic Laboratories OL754 spectroradiometer system with a NIST traceable calibration system.


Briefly, what can you expect from UVA protection testing:

COLIPA Method / ISO: 24443 Method – International:
This test is performed in an in vitro test situation under clinical conditions. The intended product is assessed under the regulations using UVA light spectrum wavelengths from the solar simulator to gauge the ability for the sample to protect the skin from hyper- melanin production and DNA breakdown.