Latest News

 – September 2012

Princeton Consumer Research recently attended an exhibition show called Beyond Beauty. Chris was a guest of the project manager Yohann Cailleau with whom he had a meeting to discuss what happens at the exhibition in what areas as well as discussing the potential for us to exhibit next year. The show is the 2nd largest Cosmetic Exhibition Show in Europe combining Cosmetic Brands, start-up companies looking for distributors, Luxury Spas, Packaging companies, Testing firms and raw ingredients manufacturers, all looking for new business in various arenas. He went round all the necessary cosmetic companies in the vast exhibition arena who all listened with interest and took my card and our brochure – 70% of the clients he talked to were solely French speaking (of which Chris has a firm grasp), something that will hopefully allow us to continue our expansion into the Europe cosmetics market if we can get a few contacts from there.

This month has been a travel month, with the team travelling around the country visiting various clients in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Bradford, Paris, Stockholm, Coventry, London, Bath and various areas of the west country, London – this continues through September and into October. We feel it’s important to visit our clients. In order to maintain positive working relationships and personally approach existing company clients and prospective clients.


New Product Information – September 2012

We are currently looking in to the new ISO standard that has been established to help the cosmetics industry to measure the UVA performance of sunscreen products. ISO 24443:2012, Determination of sunscreen UVA photoprotection in vitro, gives specifications for an in vitro procedure to characterise the UVA protection of sunscreen products in accordance with a methodology defined in the standard.
ISO 24443:2012 allows the determination of the spectral absorbance characteristics of UVA protection in a reproducible manner to help manufaturers and testing laboratories.
”The trade in cosmetics between different countries is increasing. ISO 24443:2012 will be an important tool in improving the quality and safety of sunscreen products and facilitating their gloabl trade,” said Philippe Masson, chair of the ISO group of experts who developed the standard.
Masson added that it would also help manufacturers to better respond to local requirements for sunscreen products and give better information to consumers.