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96 Hour Patch Testing For Cosmetic Products

96 Hour Patch Testing

This clinical trial proves that your ingredients are safe for use in an in vivo situation.  This is specifically for a product that would definitely cause irritation if full or semi-occluded.

Claims Substantiated:

  • Dermatologically Tested, Clinically Approved, Safe for Skin.


Consultant endorsements also available:

  • Dermatologist Tested – Dermatologist Approved – Pediatrician Approved (suitable for newborns) – Midwife Approved – Gynecologist Approved.


Briefly, what can you expect from 96 hour patch testing:

1, 2, 3 or 4 Open Application Tests:

  • 30 healthy male and female subjects used to investigate the skin irritation potential of up to 8 test articles per study plus our 2 standard controls.
  • Active Phase:  the product is applied one, two, three or four times to the subject with 23 hours duration between each application. 1 hour after the first, second, third and/or fourth application, we grade for any adverse skin reaction.
  • This test is performed on products with a high flash point and/or with a high alcohol content where full or semi-occlusion under patches would cause severe skin irritation.  With Open Application Testing, the alcohol is allowed to evaporate leaving the active ingredient on the site.