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Anti-Acne Treatment Testing

Clinical Trials for Anti-Acne / Anti-Spot Products

Analyses a product’s ability to reduce the appearance of spots, blemishes and aid pimple-prone skin allowing you to claim differences in inflammation on packaging and advertisments.

Anti-Acne Treatment Testing:
Claims Substantiated

Anti-Acne Treatment Testing substantiates claims of reducing the appearance of spots, pimples, reduces the appearance of shine.


Briefly, what you can expect:

This study design is generally dependent on what type of spot / pimple-prone skin product we are testing. Please note, we only test products that are classified as general, cosmetic or toiletry products, not medical products. Thus, this study would normally involve visual assessments of the skin to examine pre and post-treatment inflammation.


Our expert skin assessors and dermatologists analyze the skin via qualitative and quantitative legion count, macrophotography and visual assessment pre and post treatment.