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Clinical Testing For Anti-Blackhead Production

Clinical Testing of Anti-Blackhead Production

Shows whether your ingredients cause the hyper-production of comedones (blackheads) or reduces comedones in an in vivo situation and allows you to make these claims for the consumer on the packaging and in advertisements.

Anti-Blackhead Testing Claims Substantiated:

  • Non-Comedogenic, Reduces the Appearance of Blackheads, Helps Purify the Skin, Unclogs Pores.


Briefly, what you can expect from anti-blackhead testing:

  • A comedogenicity study incorporates a 30 subject study where subjects receive 12 semi-occlusive patch applications of up to 4 test articles plus a positive control (Lanolin). A fifth site is left untreated to act as the Negative control. This study lasts 4 or 8 weeks.
  • Products are applied to patches over the study period and on the final week a surface biopsy is conducted using a glass slide with cyanoacrylate glue applied to it. These slides are placed over the site, peeled off, and the comedones or honry cells adhere to the slide. We then look under low-power magnification (about 50x magnification) at the slide and count the number of comedones per surface area for a quantitative assessment.