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Diversity & Equality

Our diverse workforce at PCR enhances our workplace environment, and deepens our understanding of both our sponsors ’and subjects’ needs

Dr. Tony Barlow, President & CEO


Princeton Consumer Research Supports Homefront Food DriveIn today’s world of diversity, a total market approach is a prerequisite for the sustainable growth of any company.

PCR focuses our diversity efforts through an exceptionally inclusive hiring culture, which is based on a candidate’s abilities regardless of age, disabilities, gender, race or sexual orientation.

At PCR, diversity & equality is all about valuing people’s strengths regardless of their gender, age, origin, religion, sexuality, disability etc.

Inclusion aims at creating an environment which allows everyone to reach their potential by being themselves within a collective respect for equal opportunity.

Our Mission

Our common mission is to offer the most ethical and outstanding quality in product testing, providing the highest level of service to our sponsors at a fair price and in a timely fashion.

We are proud that 100% of our workforce recognizes the need for diversity, and actively helps in maintaining this culture of acceptance.