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Clinical Testing For Safety For Makeup & Cosmetics

Clinical Testing For Safety For Cosmetics / Makeup

Clinical Safety Testing Ensures that your products are safe for the consumer to use – necessary but standard procedures that we perform every day to give you, your brand and the consumer the confidence to use and endorse your product.

We are world leaders in Clinical Product Safety Testing, completing cosmetic safety testingand makeup safety testing for some of the biggest names in cosmetics globally

Standard For All Products

96 Hour Patch Testing
  • Substantiates derma-type claims:  Dermatologically Tested, Clinically Approved, Safe For Skin, Mild For Skin.
  • Available in fully-occlusive and semi-occlusive patches.
Patch Testing
  • Substantiates derma-type claims: Dermatologically Tested, Clinically Approved, Safe For Skin, Mild For Skin PLUS Hypoallergenic.
  • Fully-Occlusive patches – “Finn Chambers”
Open Application Testing
  • Substantiates derma-type claims: Dermatologically Tested, Clinically Approved, Safe For Skin, Mild for Skin
  • Suitable for products with high alcohol content or high flash points.
Home-Use Studies
  • Suitable for any product needing a half-clinical/half-home-use safety assessment.
  • Enables the monitoring of any incidents of adverse reaction as well as consumer perception and preference.

Protects Against The Sun

SPF Testing
  • Worldwide Testing including COLIPA, ISO:24444, FDA and more.
  • We also conduct water, sand and sweat-resistance tests.
UVA Testing
  • Substantiates UVA protection through the COLIPA method.

More Specific Safety Tests

Human Eye Testing  Direct and Non-Instillation
  • Tests for any products that could come into contact with the eye cavity.
  • Substantiates claims:  No Tears, Ophthalmologically Tested, Ophthalmologist Approved, Kind to Eyes.
Anti-Blackhead Product Testing
  • Tests for the production of comedones (blackheads)
  • Can substantiate the claims: Non-Comedogenic, “Prevents the appearance of blackheads”, “Unclogs pores”
Phototoxicity & Photosensitisation Testing
  • Tests the potential for a product to elicit a reaction under UV exposure.
  • Substantiates the claims: Non-phototoxic, Non-photosensitive.
Oral Application Testing
  • A small section for mouth washes, toothpaste and other oral products.