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Clinical Testing For Products That Claim Skin Lightening Properties

Skin Lightening Clinical Testing

Measures qualitative and quantitative changes in skin pigmentation allowing you to claim differences in skin tone on packaging and advertisements.

Skin Lightening Product Testing:

  • Chromameter Technology and Macrophoto Assessment


Claims Substantiated:

  • Improves luminosity, reduces uneven pigmentation, encourages even skin tone, improves skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces the appearance of age spots.


Briefly, what you can expect:

Chromameter Technology and Macrophoto Assessment:

  • 30 subjects undergo Chromameter assessments and visual assessments of skin luminance on site at our testing center. This measures chromaticity, tristimulus values, color difference and correlated color temperature.
  • Active Phase: Subjects are given an instruction sheet, calendar and one of the test products to be applied to their left inner upper arm. Results are recorded within one hour of application at various stages during the 6 weeks. They then are re-assessed after the 6 week treatment phase.