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SPF Testing & UVB Protection Factor Clinical Trials

SPF Testing & UVB Protection Factor Testing 

These Clinical test examine your ingredients within the regulatory measures for SPF testing in an in vivo situation allowing you to make an SPF claim on the packaging and in advertisements.

SPF Testing

SPF Testing:

  • COLIPA Method / ISO:24444 Method – International.
  • FDA Approved Method – USA/Canada.
  • Australia/New Zealand Approved Method.


Claims Substantiated:

  • On-pack SPF rating.


Further endorsements also available:

  • Water Resistant, Sweat Resistant, Sand Resistant.


Instrumentation Information:

  • Instrumentation for SPF testing uses 2 Solar Light Company multi-port solar simulators, 8 single port solar simulators, a SPEX SKINSKAN spectrofluorometer, LabSphere and Helias spectrophotometer and an Optronic Laboritories OL754 spectroradiometer system with a NIST traceable calibration system.



Briefly, what can you expect from SPF Testing:

COLIPA Method / ISO: 24444 Method – International:

  • 10 healthy male and female subjects with Fitzpatrick skin number 1-3 used to investigate the skin’s Minimal Erythema Dose (MED) time period for pre and post-product treatment to calculate the sample’s SPF.


Active Phase:

  • We generate a pre-treatment MED which is the minimal amount of UV light to elicit barely perceptible erythema.  The product is then applied to the site and post-treatment MEDs area. The product SPF is the ratio of pre-treatment MEDs to post-treatment MEDs.


FDA Approved Method – USA / Canada:

  • Similar to COLIPA method but uses different active phase MED assessments via the use of 7 time points instead of 5 as in the international methods.


Australian / New Zealand Approved Method:

  • Similar to COLIPA method but uses a slightly different wavelength of UV to elicit MED.