AP & Deo Efficacy Article In Happi Magazine

AP & Deo Efficacy Article In Happi Magazine

Our very own Barrie Drewitt and Cheryl Gizzi speak to Happi magazine all about clinical trials for efficacy for AP / Deo products

Testing ‘Cool’ Clothing With Good Morning America

Good Morning America visited us here at PCR to help them test ‘cool’ clothing.
Watch here now

testing fake makeup

Testing Fake Makeup With NBC2 To See What They Contain

Our Technical Director, Barrie Drewitt helped NBC2 with a recent investigation about fake makeup and what’s in it. Watch this great investigation here.


happi magazine

Happi Magazine Article On Leading Clinical Testing Organisations

Happi Magazine have a recent article on leading clinical testing organisations and the role they play in todays world.


Below is the part where PCR is mentioned. Read the full article here

Barrie Drewitt, technical director, Princeton Consumer Research Corp,

St. Petersburg, FL: Over the past 12 months, PCR has brought a new site into the fold, now offer clients the most diverse geographical population currently available by any other consumer product testing company in the world. PCR offers locations in Princeton, NJ; St. Petersburg, FL; Winnipeg, Canada; Manchester, England and Essex, England.

No other consumer product testing company can offer multiple testing locations with the technical ability that PCR can offer. PCR has some of the most advanced equipment for looking at fine lines and wrinkles, SPF values of products. We have five environmentally controlled rooms, too! We have recently added a variety of equipment to our lists at all sites, including: Courage & Khazaka’s Sebumeter, Corneometer, Tewameter, Mexameter, Skin-pH-Meter and Cutometer; Nova Dermal Phase Meter, AquaFlux TEWL;  SkiCon, IBS; Solar Simulator, Solar Light Co.; Laser Doppler Blood Flow Monitor, Moor Instruments; HiScope Fiber Optic Microscope, Hirox; Canfield Scientific’s exclusive RBX Technology, Visia-CR; Spectrophotometer CM-600D, Konica Minolta; Whole Face Imaging, REPLICA: Silflo; D-Squame, cured; Eotech 3D Digitalization, Eotech; Episcan, Longport Inc; Clarity Pro, BTBP and the Intellilab imaging system from Canfield.

Read the full article here


good morning America visits Princeton consumer research

Good Morning America Visits Princeton Consumer Research

Good Morning America recently visited us here at Princeton Consumer Research as part of their ‘Spend Low or YOLO’ series.

We helped them to discover whether an expensive deodorant is better than an average priced one.
Watch the video below.