lume deodorant clinical trials

Lume Deodorant Clinical Testing Results

Princeton Consumer Research put Lume to the test in one of the hottest cities in the country (St. Petersburg, FL) during the hottest time of the summer

New Registration System For UK Clinical Testing Panelists

New Registration System For UK Panelists

We’re really happy today to launch the all new sign up system for our new UK panelists.

As part of our continued growth in the UK, our database has been customised for our specific personal requirements and making it much easier for new panelists to register. This grow database numbers of over 25,000 UK based panelists and make us much more flexible to run bespoke trials for our clients.

If you are interested in becoming a panelist and getting paid to test products you can register now by clicking here.


Princeton Consumer Research Moves To Chelmsford

Princeton Consumer Research Chelmsford Branch Opens Soon

We are proud to announce an exciting move for Princeton Consumer Research.


We are moving to our all new bespoke clinical testing facility in Chelmsford, Essex, UK. The building has been designed to suit our needs perfectly and will feature a sate-of-the-art hot room facility allowing us to conduct large studies for testing antiperspirant / deodorant products.


We are currently looking for new panelists in the local area who would like to be paid to take part in testing cosmetic products. Register online right now, click here





Princeton Consumer Research Expansion

Princeton Consumer’s US Expansion Hits The News

Princeton Consumer Research Corp is moving into the East Coast after seeing an increase in opportunities based on cosmetics sales in that region, last year.

The company plans to open the 7500sf Princeton Consumer Research Centre in New Jersey which is set to feature what the brand describes as one of biggest state-of-the-art ‘hot room’ facilities on the globe.

The centre is the second US unit operated by Princeton, the first being on the West Coast in Santa Monica, which will close around October time so that US operations will all be based in Princeton.

Princeton Consumer is moving location as it reports the market in the East Coast to have seen an enormous increase in sales over the past 12 months, from companies based predominantly there.

The facility will primarily test antiperspirants and deodrants, along with a full service hair salon, bio-instrumentation room and dedicated clinical rooms that can switch between 30 subject patch tests, to 250 subject trials.

According to Kerry Gibbs, director of global business development: “We are thrilled with the new site, we will be one of the largest independently owned research facilities on the East Coast and we look forward to welcoming clients old and new to tour the facility once it’s fully open.”

US cosmetics sales on the rise

According to figures from market researcher Kline, total US cosmetics sales exceeded $41 billion at the manufacturers’ level in 2013 up 2.4% from the previous year.

Hair care and oral care are still contributing to overall market growth, but the analyst suggests that it is make-up that is producing one of the strongest performances, although there are still difficulties.
The market researcher also predicts that due to the continued growth in critical markets and product classes, the cosmetics market will see renewed growth long into the future, as brands adapt to the ever-changing needs of the consumer.

“Although economic instability has inhibited the industry in recent years, the improving global economy will ameliorate the faults of years past,” says an analyst blog.

“Alongside such renewed economic confidence, the innovations to products and growing multi-purpose functionality will only be beneficial to the industry for the foreseeable future.”


Princeton Consumer Research Opens in NJ

Press Release | PCR To Open New US Facility

Princeton Consumer Research, the UK based consumer research company announced plans to open a new 7500sf research centre in the heart of the US town of Princeton New Jersey. The expansion comes after the enormous increase in US sales over the past 12 months from companies based predominantly on the East Coast of the USA.

The facility will house one of the biggest state-of-the-art “hot room” facilities anywhere in the world, testing anti-perspirants and deo products, along with a full service hair salon and bio-instrumentation room. The facility also benefits from dedicated clinical rooms that can switch between 30 subject patch tests, to 250 subject trials.

The Princeton Consumer Research Centre is the second US unit operated by Princeton Consumer, the first being on the West Coast in Santa Monica. This unit will close around October time and all US operations will take place from Princeton.

Kerry Gibbs, Director Global Business Development, says: “We are thrilled with the new site, we will be one of the largest independently owned research facilities on the East Coast and we look forward to welcoming clients old and new to tour the facility once it’s fully open. In the meantime, potential clients are invited to our open days planned for September and October 2014”.


Soft and Gentle Clincally Tested by Princeton Consumer

Soft and Gentle Launch All New Website

For over 35 years, Soft & Gentle has been creating anti-perspirant deodorants to help women stay fresh and dry all day long. Originally launched in 1976 as the first ‘non-sting’ range, we are the experts in underarm protection, with a team of scientists and skin experts dedicated to delivering long-lasting protection with skin kind benefits.



Princeton Consumer Research are proud to have conducted the clinical trials for and be involved in the re-launch of the new Soft & Gentle range, which can be seen here.




clinical testing of nutri4 formula

Princeton Consumer Conducts Clinical Trial For Seven Seas Botanical Nutri.4 Formula

Botanical Nutri.4 Formula: The science

The Botanical Nutri.4 Formula is an expert blend of grape seed extract, lutein, bilberry extract and green tea oil shown in research to reduce the appearance of fine lines and support skin elasticity.

In addition to the Botanical Nutri.4 Formula, ilumina capsules also contain tailored combinations of vitamins and minerals expertly developed to contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails.

The Clinical Study

In order to quantify the beneficial effects of the Botanical Nutri.4 Formula contained within ilumina, the independent Clinical Research Organisation Princeton Consumer Research was commissioned to conduct a randomised, blinded, placebo-controlled trial. The study conformed to the Declaration of Helsinki and its subsequent amendments regarding ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects.

The study was conducted over a 12 week period and included volunteers aged between 40 and 70 years. Thirty volunteers took a placebo while 30 received two capsules containing the Botanical Nutri.4 Formula.

Objective measures were taken by the study clinical staff at the start of the study, after 8 weeks and following completion of the 12 week trial. These included accurate measurement of the depth of the “crow’s feet” fine lines and the measurement of skin elasticity.

Statistically significant improvements in the following objective measures were found when the Botanical Nutri.4 Formula was taken daily over a 12 week period:

· Significant reduction in Fine Line depth

· Increase in Skin elasticity

Placebo Control Botanical Nutri.4 Formula

• Highly significant reduction in fine lines (p<0.001) at study Weeks 8 and 12 for the subjects treated with the active capsules.

>• Fine lines were reduced by an average of 2.07% after 8 weeks> of treatment and 5.88% after 12 weeks of treatment.

What this means?

This shows that in a mixed group of adults Botanical Nutri.4 can bring improvements in skin elasticity and that these results can be seen after a 12 week period. This is an encouraging result as it seems likely that even greater results may be seen over a longer period of time. Of course the results will vary greatly between individuals, and will be determined by their age, the level of preexisting sun damage, skin type and their diet.


clinical testing of palmers cocoa butter

Princeton Consumer Helps Palmers To Substantiate their Claims

We are proud to work with Palmers on their great products.
You can view the full details of their products at



clinical testing with thermal imaging

Our Latest Technological Advancements

Princeton Consumer Research are pleased to be using the latest in infrared and thermal imaging technology to assist in substantiating cosmetic claims.

This technology can be used in various situations, particulalry when assessing cellulite reduction formulations and vascular blood flow.

To find out more, contact one the team to discuss your requirements.